Miniature spindle for linear positioning tasks

The maxon GP 6 S spindle gear

The maxon GP 6 S spindle gear

The maxon GP 6 S spindle gear

The GP 6 S micro spindle gear has a diameter of six millimeters and is now also available in a metal version to provide a spindle drive with optimized value.

Spindle drives are the perfect solution for linear positioning systems, lens adjustment, or syringe pumps. If the drive also has to be compact, then maxon motor’s GP 6 S spindle gear is the perfect choice. To provide a cost-effective alternative to the ceramic version, it is now also available with a metal spindle.

Combinations with maxon DC motors

The GP 6 S spindle gear is suitable for a wide variety of linear drive solutions. The maximum feed velocity is 15 mm/s, at a force of 10 N. Integrated ball bearings ensure that this drive stands up to high axial loads. The gear easily combines with the maxon DC brushed motor (RE 6) and DC brushless motor (EC 6).

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Small spindle drives are now available in wearproof ceramic

maxon's GP8S and GP16S spindle drives

maxon’s GP8S and GP16S spindle drives

Two new complete systems composed of spindle, axial bearing, and gearhead. 

With the GP8S and GP16S spindle drives, maxon motor is expanding the program and simultaneously launching the ceramic spindle. The ceramic spindle is an extraordinary product, with several advantages.

The GP 16 S with ceramic spindle joins the ranks of the existing 16 series spindle drives. With its unique metric M6 ceramic spindle, it transmits up to 315 N in short-term operation. These axial forces are compensated by axial ball bearings in the gearhead’s output stage. The variety of reduction ratios possible in the integrated planetary gearhead makes the spindle drive suitable for highly dynamic applications such as focusing systems or valve and flap adjustment.

The small 8 mm GP 8 S spindle drives come standard equipped with metric steel spindles or ceramic spindles. The M3 x 0.5 mm spindle is designed for feed forces of up to 32 N in short-term operation. Two pre-loaded ball bearings serve as the axial bearing. Due to the extremely compact design, the GP 8 S spindle drives achieve a very high force/volume ratio, a characteristic highly desirable for collimators, dosing pumps, and many other applications.

Spindles made of high-tech ceramic – better than steel!

maxon ball screws made of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), a high-performance ceramic, feature many advantages over conventional steel spindles or expensive ball screws, advantages that can be critical for your application. For instance, the ceramic spindle has nearly negligible slip-stick effect, so start up is smooth and free of jerking. Due to the outstanding sliding characteristics and the high wear-resistance of the ceramic spindle, it’s possible to achieve high speeds and also allows for highly dynamic, precise movements. The life span of the ceramic spindle is several times that of steel spindles, assuming that a suitable threaded nut is selected.

Spindles made of high-tech ceramic – better than steel!

Spindles made of high-tech ceramic – better than steel!

Ceramic spindles can be used in high-temperature applications, as well as in magnetically inductive environments. For example, a ceramic spindle will not interfere with the magnetic field in an MRI scanner. The biocompatibility of the material makes ceramic spindles of particular interest for medical engineering.

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maxon’s 16 mm Spindle Drive for DC motors

The GP16 precision spindle combined with a DC motor make it possible to transform rotary motion into axial motion

The GP16 precision spindle combined with a DC motor make it possible to transform rotary motion into axial motion

maxon’s newest product for converting rotary motion into powerful linear motion. The GP16 precision spindle combined with a DC motor make it possible to transform rotary motion into axial motion. Gearheads, motors, encoders and controllers from maxon’s standard program are used to drive the spindles. Features include:

  • Availability in a metric M6 spindle.
  • A self-locking function or a 5-mm ball screw, which offers high efficiency, high-load capacity and no self-locking feature.
  • 14 different reduction ratios available, from 4.4 up to 850:1.
  • Feed forces between 35 and 370 N and even up to 400 N for short durations.

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maxon’s Spindle Drives

Quick overview of our modular spindle drive product line. For additional information on these and other products please feel free to contact us.

maxon’s Modular Spindle Drives

maxon's modular spindle drives

maxon's modular spindle drives the GP 22 S and GP 32 S

GP 22 S and GP 32 S

Mechanical engineering often faces the task of converting rotational movements into powerful linear movements. The associated development costs can now be cut dramatically by using modular spindle drives in maxon motor’s modular system.

The GP 22 S and GP 32 S gearheads, specifically adjusted for spindles, are designed to withstand high loads, and the special spindle intake means that customer-specific spindles can be assembled with ease in significantly less time.

There are three different standard spindle types to choose from: metric spindles, trapeze spindles and spherical rotating spindles. The spindles are available in steel or ceramic variations up to 200 mm in length and supplied with matching Spindle nuts.

Gearheads, motors, encoders and controllers from maxon’s standard program are used to drive the spindles. The individual components of the spindle drives are all compatible to help create highly effective drive solutions. These modified planetary gearheads are available in two different sizes, with diameters of 22 mm and 32 mm. Reduction ratios of 3.7:1 to 1093:1 provide maximum torques up to 6 Nm and speeds of up to 1600 min-1. The additional axial bearings of these gearheads can also withstand powerful axial forces from the spindles.

 Depending on the application, maxon’s DC brushed or brushless motors may be used to drive the system. Motors may be fitted with compatible encoders which is critical for accurate positioning. The EPOS positioning controller is recommended to control the motor-encoder combination. It can also directly evaluate end-switches and other sensors. If a standalone system is desired, the programmable EPOS P variation may be used.

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Select, combine and order – from anywhere in the world.

maxon's e-Shop

e-Shop: Select, Combine and Order from anywhere in the world!

You can search on maxon’s e-shop quickly and easily for a DC or EC motor, combine it either with a gearhead and control electronics, then order the drive system you require, conveniently with just one mouse click, wherever you are.

All catalog products (up to 49pcs per item) can be ordered from maxon motor directly through the online purchase channel. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year- from anywhere in the world. Brush and brushless DC motors and controllers can be purchased individually or as a system solution. Gearheads, sensors and brakes are also available in combination with motors.

All products ordered through the e-shop that are in stock (green light) are dispatched from the factory in Sachseln (Switzerland) within 24 hours on working days.

Users worldwide benefit from the following functions of the maxon motor e-shop:
– display of the full maxon motor modular system (DC and EC motors, gearheads, encoders, brakes, control electronics)
– download of technical data of all drive components in PDF format
– download of DXF and STEP files of all motors and gearheads
– current availability check
– price details for up to 49 items
– direct orders with a part number
– detailed overview of all items on order

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Brushless EC 25 High Speed DC Motor

maxon's Brushless EC 25 High Speed DC Motor

maxon's Brushless EC 25 High Speed DC Motor

maxon motor introduces the brushless EC 25. Designed for high speed applications of up to 70,000 rpm and has an extremely low vibration characteristic and minimized scale. The motor is equipped with preloaded ball bearings and a two pole Neodymium permanent magnet.

The motor measures at Ø25 x 84 mm and is rated for nominal voltage of 36 VDC and reaches a nominal torque of up to 42.2 mNm, nominal speed 61,600 rpm with efficiency above 93%. The motor-specific speed/torque gradient amounts to 44.9 rpm/mNm.

This EC25 motor is particularly suitable for high speed spindle-driven applications, as required in medical technology (surgical power tools, dental drills, etc.) or machine tools (manufacture of optical lenses, fabrication of printed circuit boards, etc.).

For fast-rotating applications, a friction-reduced, low-vibration operation over the entire speed range is necessary. This can only be achieved with high-precision balancing and preloaded ball bearings.

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